my mom and dad were arguing in front of me whether to give me a present now or to wait til christmas and my mom was like “can we give her it now?” and my dad was like “what present” and my mom was like “you know… the good one” and my dad was like “spell it” and my mom goes “GREG, SHE’S 23”



happened to me the other day im like damn its a 20 relax shawty

nope cuz if it’s fake, it comes out of our check and nobody has the time. get over it


my only talent is not being in a relationship



I’ll never understand people who don’t drink alcohol

Maybe they know what alcohol can do to people, maybe they fear liver failure, maybe they had a family member or friend that died from an alcohol related accident, maybe they don’t feel the need or desire to drink, it’s really not that hard to comprehend.

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#i can’t decide if this bus is being supportive or threatening me


i’m in the mood for a boy with a deep voice to tell me nice things 

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